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PreImplantSure – Surety to Enhanced IVF Success

Accurate, Reliable & Cost effective technology for comprehensive chromosome screening

  1. Reduction in number of IVF cycles to achieve pregnancy
  2. Pregnancy achieved with fewer transfers & lower miscarriages compared to Non – PGS cycles
  3. Improves Success rate of singleton embryo transfer
  4. Provide comprehensive screening of all 24 chromosomes from embryo biopsy
  5. Sensitivity and Specificity of aneuploidy call for NGS were 100%
  6. Pre & Post-test genetic counseling by certified genetic counselors


  • Advance Maternal Age
  • Recurrent Miscarriages
  • Repeated IVF failure
  • Previous pregnancy has been affected by chromosomal abnormality
  • Either or both partner are carriers of known gene mutations or translocations