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Next-generation sequencing have the capability to assess multiple genes in parallel, for identifying genetic change that may contribute to inherited risk for genetic diseases in families. Thus, PanelSure are the best option of testing for various genetic diseases. The major benefits associated with various types of gene panels in clinical scenarios are in genetic risk assessment, testing and counselling considerations. This technology helps us examine thousands and thousands of genes at a cost that is comparable to that of tests for individual genes. There are certain percentages of individual in a population that have the chance of being born with DNA mutations that they have inherited from their parents. These individuals can be tested by PanelSure, these tests can be performed at an early stage of life and also can be performed on individuals showing no disease phenotype but have a family history of genetic disease.

One key feature of ECGI gene panels is “the design of the panel to cover the clinical significant regions associated with the diseases”.  Our team after finding the variants works closely with the physician ordering the test and genetic counselor to determine the need for a secondary analysis. This particular approach helps and enhances the clinical interpretation of causative variant in a patient.  The test report is issued to the physician, which consist of genetic variants detected in the panel ordered. The ECGI team interprets the finding based on the most recent scientific findings and literature.

 PanelSure offers the following:

1. Women Focused Panel
2. Neuro Panels
3. Neuro-Muscular Panels
4. Onco Panels
5. Skeletal Panels
6. Ent Panels