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Genetic Carrier Screening 

Genetic testing is a screening test to determine if the person is the carrier for autosomal recessive-specific disease or not and in addition, certain genetic disorders are endemic in nature. Hundreds of disease are known to be associated with autosomal recessive condition, however majority of them are very rare. The GeneticSure test result will give an idea of one’s prognosis as well as specific genetic conditions and enables doctors to lay down proper healthcare management plan, to reduce financial burden on the family. GeneticSure  carrier testing are simple blood test, they can also be supplemented by advance molecular testing utilizing specific tissue or body fluids. GeneticSure|Pan-Ethnic testing covering more than hundred common disease provide a comprehensive solution. Depending upon the type of test, result usually available between 4-8 weeks and gives the status of one’s gene signature compared to reference i.e. unaffected healthy person. If you like to learn more about GeneticSure|Screening, please consult your Doctor/Genetic counsellors. They will not only help you in resolving your queries but also advise you which test suits your need, but the final choice is yours. Eurofins Genetic counsellor can also help you in selecting proper test. 

Eurofins offers the following:

1. GeneticSure|Pan-Ethnic Carrier Screening  

2. ThalSure | HBB