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High Resolution Comprehensive Cytogenetic Tests

CytoSure offers traditional cytogenetic testing including karyotyping or chromosome analysis and FISH studies. Karyotyping helps to identify numerical or structural abnormalities. Additionally, individual FISH assays are available for several genomic disorders and also for intrachromosomal abnormalities, such as terminal deletions or duplications.

CytoSure Karyo

It is a test to identify and evaluate the  numerical and structural rearrangements of chromosomes in the cells that lead to    intellectual disability and developmental delay in

CytoSure FISH

It is a rapid technique which is used to assess the gain or loss of chromosomal segment. It is used for the detection of aneuploidy, microdeletions and chromosomal translocations.


  • Dysmorphic features
  • Intellectual disability
  • History of miscarriages
  • Recurrent spontaneous abortions
  • Family history of chromosome anomaly
  • Still birth & neonatal deaths
  • Fetal anomalies detected with ultrasound
  • Disorder of sexual differentiation
  • Females with primary amenorrhea /Infertility