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Arpita Ghosh - Bioinformatics Manager

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My career with Eurofins, to improve healthcare for society has been gratifying !!! Arpita Ghosh - Bioinformatics Manager

I have joined Eurofins 4 years back with a vision to improve healthcare for society.

Eurofins has given opportunities, to learn upcoming technologies such as prenatal testing, single-cell genomics, which enhanced my knowledge and provided a platform to transmit in various national and international scientific forums. The positive & friendly atmosphere has always motivated me to take the extra mile to help the patient/healthcare sector. Eurofins collaborate with esteem government organizations such as AIIMS, Sri Gangaram, NIMHANS, IGIB, IARI, etc. Many of our research works are published in international journals. Our research efforts are recognized in Indian Express and other news agencies as well. Considering the scope of genetics in India, growth opportunities with Eurofins Clinical Genetics are endless. I am proud that my company (Eurofins), works for making genetic testing more affordable without compromising on quality so every common man could get the world-class genetic testing in India.