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Cancellation Policy

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For assistance, please contact Eurofins Clinical Genetics India Pvt. Ltd. @ 080-30982500 or mail @

  1. Samples once received and processed cannot be cancelled for testing.
  2. Sample courier charges will be deducted if the sample is dispatched after collection of sample prior to cancellation request.
  3. Sample will be discarded once test is cancelled.
  4. A test once cancelled cannot be taken for re-testing. 
  5. Re-sample will be required for re-testing of cancelled test if required.
  6. Courier charges is applicable for re-sampling cancelled test.
  7. A set-up fee may be applied for processing of the sample prior to the cancellation request.

Cancellation or revision requests received more than 24 hours after receiving the sample cannot be honored, and tests will be performed, charged, and reports issued. This includes tests cancelled for billing issues (financial responsibility).