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Technical Team

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Dr. Sam Balu

Dr. Sam Balu, Assistant Lab Director at Eurofins Clinical Genetics India, is a trained geneticist who has specialized in Genetics from the postgraduate level onward. At ECGI, Dr. Balu is coordinating clinical reporting operations as well as overseeing the prenatal clinical genetic tests such as qNIPS, NIPS, PGS and microarray testing and reporting. He is also engaged in customer connect with key clinicians pan India and in query resolution. Dr. Sam has more than 9 years of experience in the field of human genetics. He was a part of the PGS/ PGD domain right from its inception. He played a key role in developing and validating the PGS test using NGS technology. He also has experience in handling commercial PGS samples and providing technical support for clients; right from the site requirements for embryo biopsy to interpretation of PGS results and patient genetic counseling. He has also helped develop custom PGD testing for various single gene disorders. In his previous role as Scientific Affairs Manager, he had played pivotal role to increase awareness on genetic testing across India along with clinicians and extended his support for the same on a case to case basis. Dr. Sam has a PhD in Human Genetics and a Post-Doctoral Fellowship from NIMHANS, Bangalore. He has authored 5 papers in well-known international journals as well as co-authored chapter in International book.

Dr. Puneeth Kumar

Dr. Puneeth Kumar, is Scientific Affair Manager at Eurofins Clinical Genetics India (ECGI). Dr. Puneeth has more than decades’ of rich experience in the field of basic and advanced genomic research. In his previous assignments, Dr. Puneeth has been working in various roles from scientist to assistant professor to scientific affair manager. Currently, at Eurofins Clinical Genetic India, Dr. Puneeth is managing the interface between customers and technical team. He is responsible for managing scientific queries, driving scientific sessions for customers and helping them to identify correct genetic services as per their patient profile. Dr. Puneeth Kumar has a PhD in Biochemistry from CFTRI and M.Sc from University of Mysore. His research work at Standford University, California, USA, involved identifying molecular mechanism in diabetic nephropathy, study of gene expression profile of glomeruli and validation of drug efficacy. Dr. Puneeth was also involved in multicentric research projects and 8 international publications to his credit.

Dr. Abdul Mueed Bidchol

Dr. Abdul Mueed Bidchol, is Clinical Reporting Manager at Eurofins Clinical Genetics India Pvt. Ltd. Dr. Abdul is a young dynamic professional having vast experience in the field of in genetics research specifically in genetics of human disease. In the past Dr. Abdul, had been working as research fellow, teacher as well as program trainer. Prior to joining ECGI, Dr. Abdul was working as Senior Genome Analyst. As a Clinical Reporting Manager at ECGI, Dr. Abdul is responsible to deliver evidence based, validated and well -interpreted test reports for vast range of molecular genetic testing offered by Eurofins Clinical Genetics. Dr. Abdul is passionate about unraveling the known and unknown genetic etiology presented in many diseases and providing solutions to the physicians, patients and families to cope with challenges posed by these rare genetic disorders. Dr. Abdul has a P.hD in Medical Genetics from Dept. of Medical Genetics, Kasturba Medical College, Manipal University and has done his MSc in biotechnology from Mysore University. Dr. Abdul has been awarded Dr. S. S. Agarwal Young Scientist, fellowships by prestigious institutes like ICMR, India and European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO), Heidelberg, Germany. He has been associated with many national and international level research projects and has more than 10 publications in the field of Medical Genetics.

Ms. Arpita Ghosh

Ms. Ghosh is a Bioinformatics Manager for Eurofins Clinical Genetics India Pvt. Ltd. She has rich research experience of 6 years in various fields of genomics and clinical genetics data analysis using next generation sequencing technology. With over 15 publications in different areas of genomics and clinical genetics in international journals. She has worked on big complex genomes, clinical exome and cutting edge application like clinical gene panels, targeted mutation panels in order to diagnose rare diseases. Her research interest primarily lies in the field of medical genetics and  single cell genome analysis whose application heat can be felt in the field of Rare diseases, Oncology and Prenatal Diagnosis.