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Eurofins Clinical Genetics India (ECGI) is among the pioneers in molecular genetic testing and carrier screening for health and patient care using high throughput next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies in India. ECGI strives to make the molecular genetic testing process affordable and efficient with actionable information for clinicians, patient and researchers. The ECGI team and its collaborators across the globe have rich expertise and experience in implementation of Omics technologies to create innovative solutions for clinical genomics and genetics to improve patient’s outcome. ECGI helps decode the cause of disease at base level of DNA by applying big data analytic platform and building the biological database to provide a simplified report to the clinician to understand and manage genetic disorders.

Laboratory infrastructure at Eurofins meets national and international standards for clinical genetic services like exome sequencing, non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT), genetic testing panels and carrier screening.

ECGI is a part of Eurofins Scientific, which is the world leader in genomics, diagnostics, food, environment and pharmaceutical products testing. It is also one of the global market leaders in agro science, discovery pharmacology and central reference laboratory services. Eurofins has over 45,000 staff and 650 laboratories across 45 countries.

Our mission is to provide affordable genetic testing on innovative next generation technologies to decode rare genetic condition to improve and maintain health and wellness.